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For when someone close to you dies

When someone dies it may not always be necessary to obtain probate of their will or apply for Letters of Administration if they did not have a will.

We can advise on whether this is likely to be required and, if it is, we can deal with all the documents and legal processes required to transfer the assets and money to the beneficiaries.

When someone dies and owns property (or money over certain amounts) it is likely that a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration will be required to enable these to be transferred to the persons entitled to inherit.

We will help you through the investigation and paperwork required to satisfy the legal requirements to achieve this. We will also prepare the necessary tax forms which are required to be submitted as part of the Probate process and advise you on the amount and time schedule for paying the tax if any is due.

We can also advise on ways of reducing the tax that may become payable in the future by tax planning at this stage, including the possibility of a Deed of Variation of a will or intestacy.

We give a professional and efficient probate service, but, as in our other services, we are here to offer friendly help, advice and support at a stressful time in a family's life.

We know the importance of working with other professionals and can refer you to specialist surveyors and accountants for advice you may need in connection with the probate process.

Details of our probate services and the costs involved are available here.

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